Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Terrorist Attack: A Catalog of Selected Federal Assistance Programs

This report lists selected federal assistance programs that are available to state, local, and other public authorities to help protect critical infrastructures. Critical infrastructures include such facilities as seaports, airports, energy production and transmission, assets used by the telecommunications and banking and finance industries, and those assets used by emergency services. Much of what is considered critical infrastructure is owned and operated by the private sector, and the private sector is primarily responsible for ensuring its protection. However, for those facilities owned and/or operated by state or local governments, or other types of public authorities (in particular water supply, ports, airports, mass transit), a number of programs provide support for improving security. This report focuses on those programs that specifically mention protecting critical infrastructure as their objective, or for which protecting critical infrastructure is clearly an eligible activity. The programs selected for this report are: Security Planning Grants for Large Drinking Water Utilities Implementing Security Measures at Public Water Systems Training to Protect the Nation's Water Infrastructure Plant and Animal Disease, Pest Control, and Animal Care Airport Improvement Program Federal Transit Capital Investment Grants Port Security Grants Program State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training Byrne Formula Purpose Areas Local Law Enforcement Block Grants Emergency Management Performance Grants