Presidential Appointments to Full-Time Positions in Independent and Other Agencies During the 107th Congress

During the 107th Congress, 109 nominations to full-time positions in independent and other agencies were submitted to the Senate. Of these nominations, three were submitted by President Clinton before he left office and were withdrawn by President Bush on March 19, 2001. President Bush submitted 106 nominations, of which 94 were confirmed, 10 were returned to him, and two were withdrawn. President Clinton made three recess appointments to these positions during the intersession between the 106th and 107th Congresses; all expired at the end of the first session of the 107th Congress. President Bush did not make any recess appointments to these positions between the beginning of his Administration and the end of the 107th Congress. This report discusses nominations to full-time positions in 37 executive branch organizations (25 independent agencies, six agencies in the Executive Office of the President (EOP), and six multilateral banking organizations) and four legislative branch agencies. It excludes appointments to executive departments and to regulatory and other boards and commissions, which are covered in other reports. Information for this report was compiled from data from the Senate nominations database of the Legislative Information System at , the Congressional Record (daily edition), the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents , and telephone discussions with agency officials. The report will not be updated.