Presidential Appointments to Full-time Positions in Independent and Other Agencies During the 106th Congress, 1999 -- 2000

This report provides information on 120 full-time positions requiring Senate confirmation in 25 independent executive agencies, six units in the Executive Office of the President, six multilateral banking agencies, and four legislative branch agencies. It does not cover appointments to cabinet departments or independent regulatory and other collegial boards and commissions. During the 106th Congress, President Clinton submitted 37 nominations to full-time positions requiring Senate confirmation. The Senate confirmed 28 of the nominations and returned seven at the end of the Congress. The President withdrew two of his nominations and made eight recess appointments. On average, the Senate took 121 days to confirm a nomination from the time it was received. (1) Overall, 16 nominations were confirmed under the 121 day average and 12 were confirmed over the 121 day average. The length of time for confirmation of individual nominations varied considerably, with eight taking under 60 days and seven taking over 150 days. The shortest confirmation took eight days, while the longest took 288 days. Information provided in this report was compiled from the LEGIS nominations database in the Senate Computer Center, the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents , telephone discussions with agency officials, and two federal agency directories. (2) 1. Senate August recesses and the recess between sessions were not included in this calculation. The Senate was in recess from Aug. 6 through Sept. 7, 1999 (33 days), from Nov. 20, 1999 through Jan. 23, 2000 (65 days), and from July 28 through Sept. 4, 2000 (39 days). 2. Carroll Publishing, Carroll's Federal Directory: January/February 2001 (Bethesda, MD: Carroll Publishing, 2000); CQ Press, 2000/Fall Federal Staff Directory , 34th ed. (Washington: CQ Press, 2000).