EU Enlargement: Economic Implications for the United States

RS21875 -- EU Enlargement: Economic Implications for the United States

Updated January 17, 2006


The United States strongly supported the formation of the European Economic Community in the 1950s and has supported its subsequent expansions and evolution into what is now the European Union (EU). Likewise, the United States, under both the Clinton and Bush Administrations, welcomed the latest, and largest expansion of the EU -- the addition of 10 new members effective May 1, 2004, viewing it as helping to promote stability and prosperity throughout the continent. The enlargement of the EU will change U.S. economic ties with the EU with the 10 new members. This report examines the changes and their potential economic impact on the United States. Many Members of Congress have been monitoring the potential effects of enlargement on the U.S. economy, particularly agriculture, and they will likely continue to do so during the second session of the 109th Congress. This report will be updated as events warrant.