Military Base Closures: DOD's 2005 Internal Selection Process

RS21822 -- Military Base Closures: DOD's 2005 Internal Selection Process

April 21, 2004


The Department of Defense (DOD) is going through a process which will result in recommended actions for base realignment and closure (BRAC) in the United States. DOD is now preparing a list of BRAC actions designed to change the uses of its installations to conform to the current and future needs of its military forces. This list, after approval by the President, must be presented to Congress no later than November 2005. Congress can halt the execution of these actions by then enacting a joint resolution of disapproval within 45 days or before the adjournment sine die of the session, whichever occurs first. This report outlines how DOD has organized to gather and analyze BRAC-related data and document the process. It also describes DOD's selection criteria process, and the Secretary of Defense's requirement to certify the need for a BRAC round. The report then explains how the list of recommended BRAC actions will be drawn together for submission by the Secretary of Defense to the President. This report will be updated as necessary.