Government Performance and Results Act: Brief History and Implementation Activities

This report discusses implementation of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), P.L. 103-62 (107 Stat. 285). General Accounting Office reports, congressional reviews, and Office of Management and Budget documents indicate that while agencies are making progress in implementing the law, they encounter difficulties when trying to use results-oriented goals, measures, and data. Interest is growing in using results-oriented information in authorizations, oversight, and funding decisions. The Bush Administration identifies budget and performance integration as one of five government-wide initiatives to improve management. S. 837 , H.R. 1227 , H.R. 3826 , and S. 1668 / H.R. 3213 would require use of performance measures. This report will not be updated. For updated information see Federal Program Performance Review: Some Recent Developments , CRS Report RL32671 ; Performance Management and Budgeting in the Federal Government: Brief History and Recent Developments , CRS Report RL32164 ; and A Sunset Commission for the Federal Government, CRS Report RS22181.