Fax-on-Demand Services Available from Federal Government Agencies

Order Code 98-538 C Updated May 7, 2003 CRS Report for Congress Received through the CRS Web Fax-on-Demand Services Available from Federal Government Agencies Glenda Richardson Information Research Specialist Information Research Division Summary Numerous associations, newspapers, schools, and government agencies are finding fax publishing an efficient way to distribute information to the public or to a targeted audience. This service is often called a “fax-server” or “fax-on-demand.” The types of information available by fax can include: services to the public, selected reports, press releases, speeches, statistics, and biographical information. Recipients must have a fax machine. These services can usually be accessed 24 hours a day, either through a telephone key pad or through the receiver of a fax machine. By calling a contact number, a user hears taped instructions on how to receive a menu of items that can be faxed directly to his or her fax machine. There is no charge other than for a phone call of equal length, including any long distance phone connections that are made. The following is a list of federal government agencies that offer fax-on-demand services and a brief description of their offerings. This report will be updated as new information becomes available. Legislative Branch Library of Congress Copyright Office Copyright circulars, regulations, and licensing publications. (202) 707-2600 Congressional Research Service ˜ The Library of Congress CRS-2 Departments Agriculture Department Economic Research Service (202) 694-5700 Reports on world agriculture, U.S. agricultural trade, state facts, farm income, and crop-specific data. Health and Human Services Department Agency for Health Care Policy (301) 594-2800 News releases and fact sheets on agency activities and policy. Grant announcements, health technology reviews, AHCPR article reprints. Centers for Disease Control General Information 1-888-232-3299 Smoking and health, adult and childhood immunization, international travelers health requirements, infection control, women’s health, and injury prevention. National Prevention Information Network 1-800-458-5231 CDC fact sheets, statistics on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Food and Drug Administration Center for Devices and Radiological Health 1-800-899-0381 Documents from the divisions of Small Manufacturers Assistance, Device User Programs and System Analysis, and Mammography Quality and Radiation Programs. National Institute of Mental Health (301) 443-5158 Press advisories, professional publications and reports, information about grants, and NIMH calendar of events. Justice Department Department of Justice Response Center (202) 307-1480 Information on the programs of the Department of Justice, including the Bureau of Justice Assistance, National Institute of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Prevention, and the Violence Against Women Office. Labor Department Bureau of Labor Statistics (202) 691-6325 Press releases, lists of phone contacts, Consumer Price Index data, employment statistics, occupational safety and health statistics, and productivity data. CRS-3 In addition to the national fax-on-demand service, the Bureau of Labor Statistics maintains eight regional fax-on-demand services that contain documents pertinent to the region. Contact numbers are as follows: Atlanta (404) 331-3403 Boston (617) 565-9167 Chicago (312) 353-1880 Dallas (214) 767-9613 Kansas City (816) 426-3152 New York (212) 337-2412 Philadelphia (215) 597-4153 San Francisco (415) 975-4567 State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs (202) 647-3000 Travel warnings, public announcements, Tips for Travelers brochures. Visa bulletins and other consular information. Transportation Department Bureau of Transportation Statistics 1-800-671-8012 BTS telephone contact lists, directories of transportation data sources, press releases, and detailed transportation statistics. Drug Enforcement and Program Compliance Documents on alcohol and drug testing. 1-800-225-3784 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration National Center for Statistics and Analysis 1-800-934-8517 Traffic safety fact sheets, NCSA reports, and research notes. Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization 1-800-532-1169 Point of contact listings, program fact sheets, program applications, and DOT Procurement Forecast information grouped by requirement or region. Research and Special Programs Administration- Hazardous Materials Information Center 1-800-467-4922 Hazardous materials regulations, training materials, and fact sheets. Treasury Department General Information (202) 622-2040 Current public engagement schedule, statements by Treasury Department officials. Announcements regarding public debt, Treasury bill auctions. CRS-4 Foreign Assets Control (202) 622-0077 Country-specific information on foreign assets, particularly information on U.S. embargoes. Internal Revenue Service The most frequently requested IRS tax forms. (703) 368-9694 Independent Agencies Environmental Protection Agency Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office (202) 312-0741 Documents discussing requirements governing emergency planning, emergency release notification, and hazardous chemical inventory reporting. Office of Solid Waste Environmental fact sheets and newsletters. (202) 312-0740 Office of Underground Storage Tanks (202) 312-0773 Fact sheets, forms, and reports related to the regulation of underground storage tanks containing petroleum or hazardous substances. Federal Communications Commission (202) 418-2830 Commission agenda, public notices, commissioners’ speeches, press releases, and job listings. Federal Election Commission (202) 501-3413 Background on the commission and federal campaign finance law, in English and Spanish. A variety of publications under the subject headings Disclosure, Limitations, Public Funding, Compliance, Clearinghouse on Election Administration, and Regulations. Food and Drug Administration 1-800-899-0381 Selection of documents issued by the Division of Small Manufacturers Assistance, the Division of Mammography Quality and Radiation Programs, and the Division of Device User Programs and System Analysis. National Archives and Records Administration (301) 713-6905 Guides for prospective researchers, information on presidential libraries, regional archives, Center for Electronic Records, JFK assassination records, and motion picture, video, and cartographic branches. Social Security Administration 1-888-475-7000 Fact sheets on Social Security benefits, some in a variety of foreign languages. Selected tables from the Annual Statistical Supplement to the Social Security Bulletin, legislative bulletins, and list of telephone contacts.