Congressional Primary Dates, 1998

97-923 GOV Updated June 10, 1998 CRS Report for Congress Received through the CRS Web Congressional Primary Dates, 1998 Kevin Coleman Analyst in American National Government Government Division Summary This report lists the dates of 1998 primary elections and, where applicable, runoff primary dates for the states and the District of Columbia. The election dates listed herein were provided by the respective election offices in the states and the District of Columbia; they are the dates for congressional primaries and for other state offices for which primaries will be held in 1998. (Voters in Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, and Virginia elect most state officials and members of the state legislature in odd-numbered years.) Table 1. Primary Election Dates in 1998, By State State Primary Runoff Primary1 Alabama June 2 June 30 Alaska August 25 Arizona September 8 Arkansas May 19 California June 2 Colorado August 11 Connecticut September 15 Delaware September 12 District of Columbia September 15 Florida September 1 October 1 Georgia July 21 August 11 June 9 Congressional Research Service ˜ The Library of Congress CRS-2 State Primary Hawaii September 19 Idaho May 26 Illinois March 17 Indiana May 5 Iowa June 2 Kansas August 4 Kentucky May 26 Louisiana October 3 Maine June 9 Maryland September 15 Massachusetts September 15 Michigan August 4 Minnesota September 15 Mississippi June 2 Missouri August 4 Montana June 2 Nebraska May 12 Nevada September 1 New Hampshire September 8 New Jersey June 2 New Mexico June 2 New York September 15 North Carolina2 September 15 North Dakota June 9 Ohio May 5 Oklahoma August 25 Oregon May 19 Pennsylvania May 19 Runoff Primary1 June 23 September 15 CRS-3 Runoff Primary1 State Primary Rhode Island September 15 South Carolina June 9 June 23 South Dakota June 2 June 16 Tennessee August 6 Texas March 10 Utah June 23 Vermont September 8 Virginia3 June 9 Washington September 15 West Virginia May 12 Wisconsin September 8 Wyoming August 18 April 14 1. In Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas, a runoff primary is held if no candidate wins 50% of the vote in the initial primary election. In South Dakota, a runoff primary is held if no candidate wins 35% of the vote in the first primary. In Louisiana, a candidate who wins 50% or more of the vote in the primary is elected to the office. If no candidate achieves a majority in the primary, a runoff election is held at the November general election. All candidates compete against each other in the primary, regardless of party affiliation, and the two highest vote-getters compete in the runoff election, even if they belong to the same political party. 2. North Carolina's congressional primary date was changed from May 5 to September 15 by a federal judicial panel in order to provide sufficient time for the legislature to redraw congressional district boundaries. The congressional runoff primary was canceled for 1998. 3. In Virginia, many candidates are nominated by party convention rather than in a primary.