Colleges and Universities Attended By Senators of the 103d Congress

94-91 GOV Colleges and Universities Attended By Senators of the 103d Congress Mildred L . Amer Specialist in American National Government Government Division February 4, 1994 CRS IIIIII IIIII 9III IIIIII iii II01 IIII COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ATTENDED BY SENATORS OF THE 103D CONGRESS SUMMARY This report identifies the colleges and universities attended by Senators elected to the 103d Congress . Where available in published sources, the degrees earned are also listed . COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES AI I ENDED BY SENATORS OF THE 103D CONGRESS* The information presented in this report is drawn from the biographical section of the Congressional Directory for the 103d Congress ; a special Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, Jan . 16, 1993 ; various other editions of Congressional Quarterly Weekly Reports ; and the Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1989 . The names of institutions and degree designations are as reported in these sources . Institutions granting honorary degrees are not listed. ALABAMA Howell T . Heflin B .A., Birmingham Southern College J.D ., University of Alabama School of Law Richard Shelby A.B., LL.B., University of Alabama ALASKA Ted Stevens University of California, Los Angeles LL.B., Harvard Law School Frank Murkowski B.A., Seattle University B .A., * As of December 1, 1993 . Sources : U .S . Congress . Joint Committee on Printing- Official Congressional Directory, 103d Congress . Washington, U .S . Govt . Print. Off., 1993 ; Congressional Quarterly Special Report, V. 51, Jan . 16, 1993, 17-33 ; other editions of Congressional Quarterly Weekly Reports; and U.S . Congress. Joint Committee on Printing. Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 17741989. Washington, U .S . Govt. Print . Off., 1989 . 2104 p . (100th Congress, 2d Sess . Senate . Document no . 34) . CRS-2 ARIZONA John McCain B.S., U.S. Naval Academy National War College Dennis DeConcini B.A., LL.B ., University of Arizona ARKANSAS Dale Bumpers Graduate of University of Arkansas J.D., Northwestern University David Pryor Henderson State University B .A., University of Arkansas LL.B ., University of Arkansas School of Law CALIFORNIA Barbara Boxer B.A., Brooklyn College Dianne Feinstein B.A., Stanford University COLORADO Hank Brown B.S., J.D., University of Colorado LL.M., George Washington University Ben Nighthorse Campbell B.A., San Jose State University Meiji University, Tokyo CONNECTICUT Joseph Leiberman B.A., LL.B ., Yale University Christopher Dodd B .A., Providence College J.D ., University of Louisville Law School CRS-3 DELAWARE William V. Roth B.A., University of Oregon M.B.A., LL .B ., Harvard University Joseph Biden, Jr. A.B., University of Delaware J.D., Syracuse College of Law FLORIDA Connie Mack B.S., University of Florida Bob Graham B.A., University of Florida LL.B., Harvard Law School GEORGIA Sam Nunn Georgia Institute of Technology A.B., LL.B., Emory University Paul Coverdell B.A., University of Missouri HAWAII Daniel Inouye A.B., University of Hawaii J.D., George Washington University Law School Daniel Akaka B.Ed., M.Ed., University of Hawaii IDAHO Larry Craig B.A., University of Idaho George Washington University Dirk Kempthorne B.A., University of Idaho CRS-4 ILLINOIS Carol Moseley-Braun B.A., University of Illinois, Chicago J.D., University of Chicago Paul Simon University of Oregon Dana College INDIANA Richard Lugar B.A., Denison University B .A., MA., Pembroke College, Oxford, England Dan Coats BA., Wheaton College J.D., Indiana University School of Law IOWA Charles Grassley B .A., M.A., University of Northern Iowa Thomas R. Harkin B.S ., Iowa State University at Ames, Ia . LL.B., J.D., Catholic University KANSAS Robert Dole University of Kansas, Lawrence A.B ., LL .B., Washburn Municipal University Nancy Landon Kassebaum B.A., University of Kansas M .A., University of Michigan KENTUCKY Wendell H. Ford University of Kentucky Mitch McConnell, Jr . B.A., University of Louisville J.D., University of Kentucky Law School CRS-5 LOUISIANA John B. Breaux BA, University of Southwestern Louisiana J.D ., Louisiana State University J. Bennett Johnston U.S. Military Academy Washington and Lee University LL.B., Louisiana State University Law School MAINE William Cohen B .A., Bowdoin College LL.B., Boston University Law School George Mitchell BA., Bowdoin College LL.B., Georgetown University Law Center MARYLAND Barbara A. Mikulski B.A., Mount Saint Agnes College M.S.W., University of Maryland School of Social Work Paul Sarbanes A.B., Princeton University B.A., Baillol College (Oxford, England) LL.B., Harvard Law School MASSACHUSETTS Edward M. Kennedy A.B ., Harvard College International Law School, The Hague, Holland LL .B., University of Virginia Law School John Kerry B.A., Yale University J.D., Boston College Law School CRS-6 MICHIGAN Donald Riegle, Jr. Flint Junior College Western Michigan University B.A., University of Michigan M .B.A., Michigan State University Harvard Business School Carl Levin BA., Swarthmore College LL.B ., Harvard Law School MINNESOTA David Durenburger BA., St . John's University J.D ., University of Minnesota Law School Paul Wellstone BA., Ph. D ., University of North Carolina MISSISSIPPI Trent Lott B .P.A., J.D., University of Mississippi Thad Cochran BA., J.D., University of Mississippi Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland MISSOURI Christopher "Kit" Bond A.B., Princeton University LL.B ., University of Virginia Law School John Danforth A.B., Princeton University B .D., LL.B., Yale University MONTANA Conrad Burns University of Missouri Max Baucus B.A., LL.B ., Stanford University CRS-7 NEBRASKA Robert Kerry B.S ., University of Nebraska John James Exon, Jr . University of Omaha NEVADA Harry Reid Southern Utah State College B.A., Utah State University J.D., George Washington University Richard Bryan B.A., University of Nevada LL .B ., Hastings College of Law NEW HAMPSHIRE Judd Gregg A.B., Columbia University J.D., LL.M., Boston University Robert C . Smith B .A., Lafayette College NEW JERSEY Bill Bradley B.A., Princeton University M.A., Oxford (England) University Frank Lautenberg B.S ., Columbia University School of Business NEW MEXICO Pete V. Domenici B.S., University of New Mexico LL.D ., Denver University Jeff Bingaman B.A., Harvard College J.D ., Stanford University Law School CRS-8 NEW YORK Daniel P . Moynihan City College of New York B.A., B .N.S., Tufts College M.A., Ph.D ., LL .D ., Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy London School of Economics Alphonse M . D'Amato B.S., Syracuse University J.D ., Syracuse University Law School NORTH CAROLINA Jesse Helms Wingate College Wake Forest College D.M . (Lauch) Faircloth NORTH DAKOTA Byron Dorgan B .S ., University of North Dakota M.B.A ., University of Denver Kent Conrad B.A., Stanford University M.B .A., George Washington University OHIO John Glenn B .S., Muskingum College Howard Metzenbaum B.A., LL.D ., Ohio State Unive sity OKLAHOMA David Boren BA., Yale University M.A ., Oxford (England) University J.D., University of Oklahoma College of Law Don Nickles B.B .A., Oklahoma State University CRS-9 OREGON Mark Hatfield BA., Willamette University A.M., Stanford University Robert Packwood BA., Willamette University LL.B., New York University School of Law PENNSYLVANIA Harris Wofford B.A., University of Chicago LL.B., Yale University J.D ., Howard University Arlen Specter BA., University of Pennsylvania LL.B., Yale University Law School RHODE ISLAND Claiborne Pell A.B., Princeton University A.M., Columbia University John Chafee B.A., Yale University LL.B., Harvard Law School SOUTH CAROLINA Strom Thurmond Graduate of Clemson University Ernest Hollings B.A., The Citadel LL.B., University of South Carolina SOUTH DAKOTA Larry Pressler B.A., University of South Dakota MA., Harvard, Kennedy School of Government J .D., Harvard Law School Oxford (England) University Thomas A . Daschle B.A., South Dakota State University CRS-10 TENNESSEE James Sasser University of Tennessee B .A ., J .D ., Vanderbilt University Harlan Mathews Jacksonville State College B .A ., Vanderbilt University M .A., J .D ., Nashville School of Law TEXAS Kay Bailey Hutchison B .A ., J.D ., University of Texas Phil Gramm B .B .A ., Ph .D ., University of Georgia UTAH Jake Garn B .S ., University of Utah Orrin Hatch B .S ., Brigham Young University LL .B ., University of Pittsburgh VERMONT James Jeffords B .S .I .A., Yale University LL .B ., Harvard University Patrick Leahy B .A ., St . Michael's College J .D ., Georgetown University VIRGINIA John Warner B .S ., Washington and Lee University LL .B ., University of Virginia Charles Robb Cornell University B .B .A ., University of Wisconsin J .D ., University of Virginia CRS-11 WASHINGTON Patty Murray B.A., Washington State University Slade Gorton A.B., Dartmouth College LL.B., Columbia University WEST VIRGINIA Robert C . Byrd J.D., American University Law School Jay Rockfeller A.B., Harvard University . WISCONSIN Herbert Kohl B.A., University of Wisconsin M.B .A., Harvard University Russell D . Feingold B.A., University of Wisconsin B.A., University of Oxford J.D., Harvard University WYOMING Malcolm Wallop B.A., Yale University Alan Simpson B.S.L., LL.B ., University of Wyoming, Laramie crsphpgw MLA/ds