The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting communities throughout the United States, with total case counts growing daily. More than 1.3 million cases, including more than 82,000 deaths, have been reported in the United States. Containment and mitigation efforts by federal, state, and local governments have been undertaken to "flatten the curve"—that is, to slow widespread transmission that could overwhelm the nation's health care system. Currently, "social distancing" restrictions that have been in place for almost two months are being eased in some jurisdictions as economic consequences mount. Efforts to identify and quarantine close contacts of cases are underway in some places, although testing capacity remains limited. Nursing homes, prisons, jails, and similar congregate settings are emerging as points of rapid spread of infection.

This CRS Insight presents selected information and resources relevant to the domestic public health response to COVID-19 in containing and mitigating the spread and impact of the disease. As the situation evolves, this Insight will be updated. For further information on other issues related to COVID-19, see the CRS Coronavirus Disease 2019 homepage.

A Snapshot of the Domestic Public Health Response to COVID-19, as of May 13, 2020

Selected events and actions. All dates are calendar year 2020. All dollar amounts are discretionary appropriations.

Congress-Relevant Laws and Legislation

Emergency and Major Disaster Declarations and White House Response

Domestic Response Activities—FEMA, HHS, and Support Agencies

Coordination and General Public Health
Testing, Surveillance, and Contact Tracing
Medical Countermeasures
Medical Supply Chain and Health Care Surge

Travel and Immigration Related Policies and Restrictions