Order Code RS21281 Updated January 7, 2003 CRS Report for Congress Received through the CRS Web Social Security: Bills in the 107th Congress Geoffrey Kollmann Specialist in Social Legislation Domestic Social Policy Division Summary This report lists the bills that were introduced in the 107th Congress that directly affected the Social Security program, and provides a summary table listed by subject. Social Security Bills Introduced in the 107th Congress Two hundred and nine bills were introduced in the 107th Congress that directly or indirectly affected the Social Security program. This report lists those that directly affected old-age and survivors insurance benefits under Title II of the Social Security Act. It first describes those bills on which legislative action has occurred. It then presents a table that includes bills that would reform the system or otherwise address its financing problems, change its budget status, or increase or reduce benefits, and groups them into categories reflecting their general purpose. Footnotes to the table list reports from the Congressional Research Service that discuss the bills or subject matter. Bills on Which Legislative Action Has Occurred H.R. 2 (Herger) Reserves Social Security and Medicare surpluses for debt reduction until reform is passed. Passed House, February 13, 2001, by a vote of 407-2. H.Con.Res. 282 (Shaw) Expresses the sense of the Congress that Social Security reform legislation should guarantee current-law benefits to current and future retirees, without raising taxes. Passed House, December 12, 2001, by a vote of 415-5. H.R. 4069 (Shaw) Makes miscellaneous enhancements in Social Security spousal benefits. Passed House, May 14, 2002, by a vote of 418-0. H.R. 4070 (Shaw) Provides additional safeguards for Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients with representative payees and enhances other program protections. Passed House, June 26, 2002, by a vote of 425-0. Passed Senate, November 18, 2002, by voice vote. Table 1. Social Security Bills in 107th Congress Congressional Research Service ˜ The Library of Congress CRS-2 General purpose of bill Attempts to enhance solvency or income of current systema H.R. 2771 Kolbe H.R. 2935 Frank H.R. 3315 DeFazio H.R. 3497 Shaw H.R. 3535 DeMint H.R. 4023 Matsui H.R. 4024 Matsui H.R. 5252 Waxman Alters system’s investment policiesb H.R. 96 Hall H.R. 166 Royce H.R. 219 Paul H.R. 1320 Sabo H.R. 3315 DeFazio Alters Social Security’s disability provisions H.R. 344 Frank H.R. 481 Stark H.R. 498 Ehrlich H.R. 509 Mink H.R. 569 Andrews H.R. 2850 Deal H.R. 3133 Cantor H.R. 3265 Platts H.R. 5667 G. Green S. 682 McCain S. 2942 Crapo Creates voluntary or mandatory personal accounts in place of part or all of current systema H.R. 849 Sessions H.R. 2771 Kolbe H.R. 3497 Shaw H.R. 3535 DeMint H.R. 4022 Matsui H.R. 4023 Matsui H.R. 4024 Matsui H.R. 5734 N. Smith S.5 Gramm Alters Social Security’s budget treatment (including “lock box” bills)c H.R. 2 Herger H.R. 56 Ross H.R. 120 Holt H.R. 373 Rogers H.R. 560 Ross H.R. 816 Andrews H.R. 1065 Andrews H.R. 1204 Adam Smith H.R. 1207 Bartlett S. 21 Daschle Deals with Social Security numbers and privacy H.R. 220 Paul H.R. 2036 Shaw H.R. 4513 Markey S. 848 Feinstein S. 1014 Bunning S. 1055 Feinstein S. 3100 Feinstein Creates personal accounts, but does not alter current system H.R. 2110 Petri S. 2693 Dorgan Liberalizes or ends Social Security earnings testd H.R. 1731 Sessions H.R. 3497 Shaw Addresses Social Security “notch” issuee H.R. 80 Emerson H.R. 97 Hall H.R. 853 Wexler H.R. 870 Clement S. 825 Reid CRS-3 General purpose of bill Alters Social Security taxes for purposes other than to Establishes bi-partisan Restores benefits for restore solvency Social Security commission college students H.R. 1573 Owens H.R. 14 Portman H.R. 410 Andrews H.R. 1069 DeMint Repeals some/all of taxation of Social Security benefitsf H.R. 122 S. Johnson H.R. 192 Stump H.R. 209 Sweeney H.R. 1018 Toomey H.R. 1532 Weiner H.R. 2106 Larson H.R. 2548 Doolittle H.R. 4789 Paul H.R. 4790 Paul H.R. 5568 Weldon S. 181 Shelby S. 237 Hutchinson Expresses sense of Congress about Social Security issue H.R. 4780 Matsui H.R. 5541 Shows H.Res. 128 DeLauro H.Res. 425 Thurman H.Res. 493 Jefferson H.J.Res. 26 G. Taylor H.C.Res. 120 Mark Green H.C.Res. 214 Shaw H.C.Res. 229 Graves H.C.Res. 282 Shaw H.Res. 128 DeLauro S.Res. 230 Corzine S.J.Res. 2 Gramm Liberalizes benefits for spouses, children, and childcare giversg H.R. 319 Allen H.R. 2698 Andrews H.R. 3023 Duncan H.R. 3325 Lowey H.R. 3326 Lowey H.R. 3327 Lowey H.R. 3328 Lowey H.R. 3315 DeFazio H.R. 3497 Shaw H.R. 4069 Shaw H.R. 4671 Matsui H.R. 4743 Lowey S. 2533 G. Smith Liberalizes “windfall” benefits provisionh H.R. 848 Sandlin H.R. 1073 Frank H.R. 2638 McKeon S. 1523 Feinstein S. 2521 Kerry Liberalizes “government pension offset” provisioni H.R. 664 Jefferson H.R. 2638 McKeon H.R. 3497 Shaw S. 611 Mikulski S. 1523 Feinstein Authorizes benefits for the month of deathj H.R. 210 Sweeney H.R. 1091 Mink H.R. 1464 Holden H.R. 2845 Andrews H.R. 5404 Russell S. 882 Mikulski Expands eligibility for lump sum death benefit H.R. 266 Duncan H.R. 2378 Clement H.R. 3119 Hastings Makes changes to representative payee provisionsl H.R. 3332 Shaw H.R. 4070 Shaw S. 693 Grassley Requires that Social Security benefits be made a “legal guarantee” H.R. 832 W. Jones H.R. 3135 DeMint S. 806 Hutchinson S. 1558 Santorum Alters COLAs by Revising Consumer Price Index (CPI)k Denies benefits to fugitive Reduces “user fee” assessed felonsm on attorneys H.R. 390 H.R. 2035 S. 2387 H.R. 4070 Weiner Sanders Santorum Shaw S. 2700 H.R. 4070 Lincoln Shaw Source: Derived from on-line Legislative Information System; bills introduced as of November 20, 2002. a For discussion, see CRS Issue Brief IB98048, Social Security Reform. b For discussion, see CRS Report RS20607, Social Security: Trust Fund Investment Practices, and CRS Report 91-129, Social Security: Investing the Surplus. 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